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  • commented 2016-01-30 09:55:13 -0500 is my website. I need a a Veep. Email if you would like to discuss.
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    Let me know what #You* think:
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    I’m inviting Dr Feldman (and all the other Libertarian candidates for President) to attend the annual state convention of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Saturday, January 16th. If you would like to attend, please contact me for further details. The LPNH again intends to pledge a first delegate vote for the nomination at the national convention.
  • commented 2015-12-23 20:00:50 -0500
    I am inviting you (and all the other Libertarian candidates for the nomination of President) to attend the annual state convention of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. our convention is a one-day affair, held on Saturday, April 16, 2016. If you would like to attend, please contact me for further details.
  • commented 2015-12-22 01:30:12 -0500
    Allow for Bitcoin donations…even if only $5 worth! Bitcoin is THE currency of freedom lovers from all over the world! Why don’t you accept Bitcoin donations? Rand Paul does and he isn’t HALF the Libertarian that Marc Allen Feldman is!
  • commented 2015-12-18 11:53:09 -0500
    I want to know what actions, if any, Marc proposes to reduce carbon emissions.
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  • commented 2015-11-16 01:24:49 -0500
  • commented 2015-11-12 12:30:59 -0500
    I have never voted before (age 24). I live in Thief River Falls, MN a city of roughly 8,700 people. I did not think I’d ever find a Party to represent me and figured I would be an independent or do my best to find a candidate that best fits my ideals and compromise. With the Libertarian Party, there is no compromises on my end. I admit I am frugal with my money. I am requesting that I receive a free bumper sticker and political yard sign for Libertarian Party in addition to a free bumper sticker and political yard sign for Mr. Marc Feldman. If these are given to me, I will be glad to represent the Libertarian Party in the small town of Thief River Falls where gossip spreads like wildfire. If it was only my time involved and not money involved, I’d go to the National Convention in Florida in 2016. I apologize as due to requiring physical money that I earned, I will not be attending. Thank you for your time, sir.
  • commented 2015-10-23 11:34:01 -0400
    I am attempting to put together a list of any town hall, rallies, or other events in South Carolina that presidential-hopefuls plan to attend. I plan to publish this list on our website as an opportunity for our home school students to learn about civics in action.

    Do you have any events planned to happen in South Carolina?

    Thank you!

    Katina Prescott

    South Carolina Association Independent Home Schools

    930 Knox Abbott Dr | Cayce SC 29033

    803-454-0427 (phone) | 803-454-0428 (fax)

    SC Flood Relief-small

    Want to help SC Homeschool Flood Victims? Are you a Homeschooler who needs help?

    Contact SC Homeschool Flood Relief ​​​
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    I am only interested in dealing with you for a private transaction base on investment fund which is available and ready for usage.


    Jessey Corinthia
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  • commented 2015-10-02 17:38:43 -0400
    My name is Marc Clair; I am editor-in-chief of the website Lions of Liberty, as well as the host and producer of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. The show also airs on streaming stations LRN.FM and LibertyTalk.FM, reaching thousands of liberty-minded listeners across the globe. My past guests have included many prominent names in the liberty movement including Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, and Lew Rockwell, as well as fellow Libertarian Presidential candidates Steve Kerbel and Austin Petersen.

    I would love interview Mr. Feldman to discuss how he became a libertarian, his political philosophy, what inspired him to run for President and what he hopes to accomplish running under the Libertarian banner.

    If interested, we can discuss further details regarding recording the interview.

    Thank you for your consideration,
  • commented 2015-09-28 21:32:38 -0400
    Consider supporting another independent if you change your mind — Roderick Edwards
  • commented 2015-09-15 22:56:31 -0400
    Sorry that should have read Marc Feldman :) Please edit it.
  • commented 2015-09-15 22:55:46 -0400
    Dear Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel,

    As you may or may not be aware, the National Judicial Committee has just ruled that the organization that has existed since 1971, The Libertarian Party of Oregon, is no longer an affiliate of the Libertarian National Committee. This has been a long standing scandal involving elements of the Oregon Republican Party working in concert with both local and national agents to suppress libertarians in Oregon and has had regular material support from disloyal elements of the Libertarian National Committee. I will not belabor you with the details, but if you are curious they can be found at

    The important matter is that since our delegations were tampered with in 2012 and 2014, our party has issued a boycott for the Orlando 2016 convention, and further this disaffiliation by the national judicial committee has an impact for your campaign on ballot access in Oregon for 2016.

    I represent the actual legal entity recognized by the Oregon Secretary of State Elections division and am the chairperson of the Candidate Recruitment and Retention Committee. I am reaching out to you in my capacity as such to advise you that you will likely need to campaign separately in Oregon to obtain ballot access in our state. The Libertarian Party of Oregon has single signature ballot access without any need to petition for all partisan offices. We will continue to control the Libertarian presidential ballot line and ballot access in Oregon regardless of the actions of the national LP and its various committees and apparatus. The process to petition independently or to start another political party to gain access would cost in excess of $100,000 and may or may not be successful. Given their current cash flow issues and budgeting constraints, they will likely require that undertaking to be funded by your campaign, if it happens at all.

    Although we have not yet set rules for our 2016 primary, our election year primary involves mailing ballots to approximately 18000 members and runs at the same time as the major party primaries. We anticipate adopting rules to permit LP Presidential Candidates to have their name listed on our ballot and include a candidate statement. I will also be asking the committee to provide voter lists to campaigns who would like to send additional materials by mail to promote their candidacy.

    If this is the course we take, the winner of our primary will be the listed presidential candidate for 2016 regardless of the outcome of the Orlando 2016 convention.

    We regret that this has become necessary, but the insistence of the national party in attempting to install republican-backed interlopers as our leadership against the will of our voting electorate (who included republican party members and an individual who was just recently arrested for murder) and their continuance to attempt to do so has made this an unfortunate reality.

    Our primary process will likely conclude prior to the Orlando Convention, so the winner would have the opportunity to share the results of our process and advise the delegates there that they already secured ballot access in Oregon. It is generally the goal of any presidential campaign to achieve ballot access in all 50 states and D.C., and I have my doubts that if the delegates at the Orlando Convention were to nominate anyone other than the candidate who won the Libertarian Party of Oregon Primary that it would be possible for that candidate to actually achieve that result.

    The Libertarian Party of Oregon has been the most successful state affiliate for the past 2 major elections cycles, nominating more candidates per-capita than any other state affiliate and the participation in our primary elections has been growing a rapid pace. There are plenty of individuals in the national party leadership who attempt to characterize things in our state as a deep factional battle between two equally matched sides. This cannot be further from the truth. The other side of this altercation is about 5-6 people plus a republican lawyer who is the vice chair of the Oregon Republican Party, and their republican-aligned allies within the national party who are attempting to suppress the registered libertarians of Oregon who have been fielding record numbers of candidates (30+). We have been accused of causing multiple republican campaigns to fail and blamed for the loss of seats in the state legislature.

    My opinion on the matter is that to become the second largest political party in Oregon, we have to destroy the Republican party (the current second largest party) and take their place before we can start aiming for #1. This has obviously caused us to accumulate some very motivated enemies.

    I would therefor ask that you do not allow them to win and not to allow their plot to undermine us through disloyal elements of the national party to succeed, and prepare to run a strong campaign here in Oregon, promote a full Libertarian platform and agenda, win our primary and likewise carry that through the to the national convention and win a victory for a real Libertarian candidate and platform there as well – and attempt to run the most successfully presidential campaign ever.

    Thank you for your time and I will be in touch in the future with additional communications that will be purely administrative in nature.


    Wes Wagner

    Chair of the Candidate Recruitment and Retention Committee for the Libertarian Party of Oregon, Former Chairperson 2011-2014, Current Board of Directors Member.
  • commented 2015-09-15 21:53:07 -0400
    I’ve created a fun and easy way to find and elect leaders in U.S. Congress who will represent the people above the large money donors destroying American democracy and show people how I know it will work before I even asks you to support my efforts.

    Tragically, in today’s society I know that I have little chance of raising a dime for my cause. Hell, most of my friends think I’m too extreme just because I love to talk about politics even though I’m politically unbiased and can talk shop with anyone. So I created a platform that will allow me to help anyone who checks it out realize how simple it is to change our political reality regardless. Don’t take my word for it, check out the section “WHY THIS PROGRAM CAN AND WILL WORK!” located at

    Even if I can’t raise as dime so I can offer my book and entire program I mention in the link for free. I don’t think that I’ll have too much trouble selling a book called, “3 Simple Steps to Save America” – How Anyone Can Help America Overcome The Money In U.S. Politics, in today’s turbulent political times for a few bucks. I just don’t want to do that, but, as you already know these efforts come at a cost. Hell, all I really need to finish my book is enough money to hire a good editor. I just want to do so much more! I figured you might what to take a look at it and see how it can help you in your efforts to be one of the honorable politicians running for office.

    The reality is, our nation needs noble people like who are willing to tell it how it is and to spread the word when a realistic solution presents itself. By even just sharing the knowledge on this webpage you can help educate America as to how simple it is to change everything we don’t like our world of U.S. Politics. Even if you don’t mention me, want to collaborate with my program or promote my cause, that’s not important.

    What’s important is that America needs you now more than ever to show them how we can rise up and bring our nation back to greatness… there has never been a better time to take action than now! Both parties need real leaders who will represent the people above all else and you can help enlighten your followers to see the path towards making it a reality. With your reach alone, you could change the world of U.S. politics with this message.

    So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.


    AB Devereau

    (401) 835-2887
  • commented 2015-09-13 15:20:06 -0400

    You followed our twitter account and we are fans of liberty. We don’t know much about your platform and would like to learn about it. We think it would be fun and productive to invite you on our talk show to discuss your campaign.

    Our website is

    We look forward to hearing back.
  • commented 2015-08-31 09:24:49 -0400
    I came to your website from the email from

    However, I see no platform, no bio, no… anything. Well, there is the opportunity to donate money.

    Please, share with us what you believe, your record, and your platform.

    Thank you.
  • commented 2015-08-27 14:43:49 -0400
    Dear Mr. Feldman,

    I was wondering about what your platform is. I’m considering the possibility of supporting a Libertarian candidate for President and I just wanted to see what your platform is.
  • commented 2015-08-06 14:15:17 -0400
    Mr. Feldman,
    I am a social studies teacher at Inola Public Schools and I am writing you because, I would like to have some information about you and your campaign. I would like to introduce my students to as many candidates as possible. My school address is:
    Inola High School
    P.O. Box 789
    Inola, Ok 74036

    I thank you in advance,

    Kelly Hammack
  • commented 2015-08-04 19:25:20 -0400
    My name is Steven Brodie Tucker. I was hoping to listen to you in Richmond this evening, but time would not permit. I’m a Libertarian who writes for a conservative blog, Virginia Right, that backed Robert Sarvis for Governor and Senate.

    I am curious, who defines what is an Effective Social Organization?
  • commented 2015-07-11 07:59:35 -0400
    Good day.

    My name is Anthony Mayfield and I am in the 99%. One thing we realize is the need for more money: money to survive, money to pay bills, money to just keep going. If the majority of us were to take a financial selfie, it would be blank picture because nothing is there. However, using social media, I have a way to develop a better picture; a picture with a bank account that actually has money in it to cover the necessities of life as well as a little discretionary income. Moreover, this is a way to earn additional money for your presidential campaign!

    As it relates to money: there are two types of supporters: those who give and those who would like to give but don’t have it. My plan is for those who don’t have money to give. Using social media, they can now join forces to raise money for your presidential campaign. Someidoh is a social media site that provides everyday people the opportunity to earn money for themselves or for a cause. Those wanting to raise money for your campaign can join forces and earn the money needed for you to campaign effectively and fearlessly from advertisers. It’s simple and effective!

    I invite you to visit our site and to share information about it with your audience, asking them to join us so that they can raise money for you! Check us out @ I await your response.

    Respectfully yours,

    Anthony Mayfield
  • commented 2015-07-10 15:52:21 -0400
  • commented 2015-07-06 18:18:44 -0400
    Hi, my name is Erin Coogan and I am from the University of Southern California where myself and 20 other journalists are writing articles about lesser known candidates of the presidential race. I would love the opportunity to interview you and get the true perspective of a candidate. Thank you for time.
  • commented 2015-06-30 17:07:40 -0400

    Dear 2016 Presidential Candidate:

    To Win in 2016, you will need an edge: Petition 4 Power is a Political App that can allow your campaign to collect donations, volunteers and collect the required signatures to get on the ballot in each state. Petiton 4 Power offers your candidacy a “Ground Game”.


    App Store:


    Charles E. Campbell
  • commented 2015-06-24 23:48:24 -0400

    My name is Dr. Carlos Vazquez and I am the host of the national Web TV Show and Radio show “Circle of Insight” which explores the many facets of human behavior such as “the mind of a killer”,“what is consciousness ?”, “Do we need God?” , “The life of an actor”, “The other side of fame”, and more.

    I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in being on our show? We want to do a show on your political stances and how you plan to improve America. The show would be 15-20min and can be done on the phone.

    Here’s a brief list of our prior guests:

    Bill Duke, played in " Commando", “Predator 1”, just to name a few; and was Director of Rage Harlem & Sister Act 2

    Kelly Carlson, played " Kimber Henry" on the 9 year hit TV show “Nip/Tuck”

    Larry Wilcox, played “Jon Baker” on the hit TV show “CHiPS” and Producer of the "Ray Bradbury " theater

    Ernest Thomas, played “Raj” on the hit TV show “What’s Happening”, and starred in the movie Malcolm X

    Bree Olson, Actress and Producer, also known for being one of “Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses”

    Nadine Vinzens, Actress known for her role in “Four Senses” and is the Former Miss Switzerland

    Jessica Sutta is an American singer, dancer, and song writer. She is best known as a member of the American Pop girl group “Pussycat Dolls”.

    Sheon, International Pop Singer and dancer.

    Emily Sears, International Model

    Lu Ceria, International Fashion Model

    Michael Bennett-Rossato, Writer, Director and producer of “Alive Inside” , winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for U. S. Documentary

    Pastor Robert Schuller Jr., was pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in California & Host of international Radio show Hour of Power

    Larry Holmes, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and legend

    Buddy Mcgirt, Former Welterweight Boxing Champion and Boxing Trainer to 10 Boxing Champions

    Kendall Simmons, Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers , New England Patriots

    Bas Rutten, Former UFC Champion

    Fred Claire, Former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Chandra Crawford, Olympic Gold Medalist in Cross Country Skiing

    Lenda Murray, 8x Ms. Olympia

    Diamond Dallas Page, 2x WWE World Champion

    Dr. Noam Chomsky, legendary linguist, political activist, and professor at MIT

    Dr. Erwin Chemerinsky, prominent scholar in U.S. Constitutional Law and Dean of Law at University of California Irvine

    Ben Jones, Former Georgian Congressman

    David Kilgour, Canada’s former Secretary of State to the Asia Pacific

    Young Kim, California Assemblywoman

    The Circle of Insight’s vision-

    Founded in 2013, Circle of Insight is an educational, research and training institution-think tank-whose mission is to explore the tough issues & questions and to create, develop, and distribute content that will stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious discussion in the hope of advancing awareness and education.

    You can find our latest shows by clicking here-

    Radio shows

    A conversation with Boxing Legend Larry Holmes (audio only)

    Video shows

    The Moral Molecule with Dr. Paul Zak

    The Psychology of an Actress with former Nip/tuck star Kelly Carlson

    Psychology of a Pitcher with Former MLB San Francisco Giants Pitcher Shawn Estes!

    Drug Dealer Turned Preacher with Justin Turnipseed

    DDP Yoga to Improve Health with Diamond Dallas Page

    How safe are we from being hacked with Cyberpol Agent Ricardo Baretzky

    A few testimonials-

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I thought the questions were thoughtfully designed to encourage discussion of some of the important issues surrounding the topic of media violence. We need more venues like this for researchers to help explain the meaning of scientific studies and help the public to understand the implications. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to follow this program on the web. They’ll be better informed on a variety of fascinating topics as a result.”

    -Glenn G. Sparks

    Professor of Communication

    Brian Lamb School of Communication/Purdue University

    “Circle of Insight is both educational and entertaining; a wonderful show! I recommend Circle of Insight to everyone interested to learn more about current ideas and trends in psychology.”

    Professor Fathali Moghaddam, PhD

    Georgetown University

    Author of ‘The Psychology of Dictatorship’

    At a time when the mainstream media lets us down just when we need it most,Circle of Insight fills that void."

    Alan Pearce- A journalist, broadcaster and author specializing in cyber-security and counter-surveillance and is the author of “Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search”.

    Many more testimonials upon request

    We have interviewed over 200 guests and counting! Here is an example of the guests on the circle :


    Former professional wrestling 3x champion Diamond Dallas Page,former MLB pitcher Shawn Estes, former boxing champion Winky Wright, UFC fighter Frank Trigg, boxing coach Buddy Mcgirt, Former UFC Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn, Former NFL player Kendall Simmons, Former Boxing Legend Larry Holmes, Former UFC Champion Bas Rutten, Olympic Gold medalist Chandra Crawford


    Nip/Tuck star Kelly Carlson, Sundance film festival winning producer Michael Bennett-Rossato, Sundance film festival winning producer Jacob Kornbluth, Vida Guerra, Former Ms. Switzerland Nadine Vinzens, Bree Olson, Porscha Coleman, Former TV star and radio host Manny Pacheco, Sugar Ray Leonard Jr.,


    Professor and theologian Larry Hurtado, Pastor Robert A. Schuller, Professor Bernard Spilka, Pastor Justin Turnipseed, Pastor Daina House, Imam Mustafa, Rabbi Joel Berman, Professor Richard Freidman, Dr. Amy Jill-Levine,


    Economists- Professor Miles Kimball, Agricultural Economist Bruce Babcock, Dartmouth Professor Charles Wheelan,

    Mark Skousen Economist, Professor of Economics Hersh Shefrin, behavioral finance economist Susan Minke, Princeton economist Professor Stephen Hanke, CEO of Farrell’s Mike Fleming,and more


    Neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin, Dr. Wansink of Cornell University,Dr. Moghaddam of Georgetown University, Dr. Jay Belsky from UC Davis,Rutgers evolutionary psychologist Robert Trivers,Body Language expert Tonya Reiman, Dr. Noam Chomsky, Yale Professor and Child Psychiatrist Dr. Kyle Pruett, Dr. J. Harold Ellens, Dr. Ralph Hood, Dr. Mario Beauregard, Dr. Peter Sacco, Dr. David Barash, Dr. Geher,

    Criminal psychology

    Forensic Psychologist Dr. Eric Hickey, Forensic Psychologist Dr. Christie Parrish, Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner, Dr. Kent Khiel, Psychiatrist Dr. Jerrold Post, Former FBI profiler Pete Klismet,

    Law enforcement experts

    Former FBI Behavioral Analyst Dr. Kathleen Puckett, Former FBI undercover operative Bob Hamer, Former CIA operative Bob Dougherty, Deputy District Attorney Tamika Williams, Ricardo Baretzky Cyberpol agent, Orange County Superior Court Judge Jeff Ferguson, former Warden of a Super Max Prison Dr.David Parrish

    Political Psychology

    3 Star General Dan Bolger, Canada’s former Secretary of State to the Asia Pacific Dr. Kilgour, Former UN director to Afghanistan Dr. Amirkhizi, Harvard Professor and Former Deputy Security Adviser for Israel’s Defense Ministry Dr. Charles Freilich, Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council,

    Other wonderful disciplines

    Dr. Michael Witzel from Harvard University,Anthropologist Dr. Meldrum,Dr. Campbell of Cornell university, philosophy Professor Robert Kane,Professor Glenn Sparks from Purdue, Linguist Dr. Karen Stollznow, Pediatrician Dr. Patricia Riba,Jim Rice NASA team leader of Mar’s Rover Mission, physics author Brian Clegg, Professor of physics Dr. Charles Adler.

    Let me know if this appeals to you. If you would like we could chat more.

    Our Motto is simple- Wherever there is psychology involved, we are there!

    I truly appreciate your time. Thank you.


    Dr. Carlos Vazquez

    Or 949-456-9215
  • commented 2015-06-16 01:50:27 -0400
    Hello Marc,

    Playboy would like to invite you to participate in our groundbreaking 2016 Presidential Election coverage. We are featuring candidate-created videos from all of the presidential candidates on a special page on, which is a mainstream, non-nude, safe-for-work website. receives 20 million unique visitors per month, which makes it the most visited men’s lifestyle website in the country. Much like our iconic magazine, the Playboy website has become a destination for thoughtful news, opinion and analysis.

    This election we’re offering voters an innovative way to learn more about a wider swath of candidates than other news outlets have offered in the past. It is our goal to publish a video from every candidate in the 2016 race. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

    We’ve posted instructions on what to record, how to record and how to send in your video to us here.

    If you have any technical questions, you’re welcome to email our video team at:

    If you have any other questions, you can email me at the address below.


    Joe Donatelli

  • commented 2015-06-05 14:36:10 -0400
    Dear Dr. Feldman,

    I would very much like to learn more about your platform and intended policies. However, I am having difficulty locating a systematic statement of platform on your website.

    Would you please point me to the most complete statement of platform you have published?


    Naji Rodes
  • commented 2015-06-04 12:10:35 -0400
    Why don’t you email me a real message so that we can have a discussion.
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